Web Enhancement vs SEO eBook

With the rapid developments taking place in today’s digital world, establishing and advancing a brand’s digital presence requires a plan that extends further than SEO. SEO first gained recognition in the 1990’s as it became realized that highly visible websites in search engine rankings delivered profitable outcomes.

Two decades later and the digital landscape is continuously changing and a brand’s digital presence is no longer characterized by a single source. Treating all factors that make up a business’ (or individual’s) digital presence as individual assets is limiting – consumers use several digital outlets to find information, meaning that a brand’s overall visibility is more important than any one factor. Consequently, the most positive results have come from companies who consider their digital visibility in all facets of their organization – leading to the term, Web Enhancement.

Web Enhancement is the process of enhancing a brand’s holistic, digital presence with measurable qualitative improvements. These improvements are adapted for the particular industry segment and result in actionable KPIs. To understand how Web Enhancement methods work, it’s important to gain an understanding of the core differences between SEO and Web Enhancement, explained below.

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